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Squirting Newbie Rachel Milan

Rachel Milan was super embarrassed when she told me the tale of her first squirting experience. I reassured her squirting was very sexy and a skill that would serve her well in the adult industry. She gave in. I spread her legs and slowly slid my big cock deep inside her pussy. I pounded her sweet snatch while fingering her tight ass until Rachel unleashed the nectar of her snatch all over my cock.

Tanned Squirting Newbie Serena Del Rio

 I invited a few people over to my phat ass pool for a little get together. Serena Del Rio was one of the ladies. We had a few beers and got to chatting about peoples oddest sexual act. Seems Serena was hooking up with this dude who was hung like a horse. They were fucking pretty good when she felt herself starting to cum. Her body was shaking, pussy contracting like crazy and out came a burst of pussy juice. She squirted all over the bed and was pretty embarrassed seeing the huge wet spot her pussy cum left. The dude was cool, told her it was hot and began Serena Del Rio’s mission to become the best squirter ever. When she finished the story I looked down, my cock was rock hard. I had to have a taste of her sweet squirting pussy. We went inside, grabbed another drink and I made my move. Kissed her. Rubbed her huge real tits and whispered I would love to make you squirt on film. 

Stripper Turned Squirter – Adrianna Deville

Adrianna Deville worked as a dancer in a nearby club. She overheard that we were looking for squirters. Next day she came in the studio. She wore this hot fishnet top that exposed her protruding nipples and a wet pussy. What a nasty bitch. I knew she was perfect for this, so I gave her the floor to entertain me. I asked her the story behind her newly discovered talent. It was after her shift from the bar. She stayed and flirted with a hot stud. Adrianna got carried away. She dragged him in the bathroom, they started to make out heavily and she just squirted all over the place. I could imagine every detail of her kinky story and my cock paid attention too. I was hard, I rushed in the set and ate her moist pussy. She dropped on her knees, sucked my cock, licked my balls and begged me to fuck her. Adrianna was screaming at the top of her lungs as my cock went in and out of her wet pussy until she squirted buckets of pussy cum. My dick was dripping, the bed was totally soaked and even the camera was drenched too. 

Lindsay Meadows Squirting Pussy

As soon as Lindsay Meadow’s said Hi I knew she was a freak. There was a naughty, almost bad girl quality to her. She sat down and I began to ask questions about her first squirting experience. Her eyes lit up. Her voice became excited as she told the squirting tale. It was late one night. She was drunk. Her boyfriend at the time had a huge dick. He was pounding her doggie style while fingering her ass when all of a sudden Lindsay’s eye’s rolled back in her head. Pussy tighten up and a stream of cum showered her mans cock. It was then that Lindsay Meadows decided to perfect her special squirting talent. My mouth was watering and my dick was hard. I waved Mile’s on set and told him to tear up her already moist pussy. He bent her over, drilled her doggie until Lindsay’s body quivered. She screamed OMG I’m going to cum. And cum she did, soaking the bed and slightly spraying my camera lens. 

Kaci Star’s Squirting Camel Toe

Oh Kaci Star. She was a tad on the chunky side when we shot this exclusive video for all you pussy squirting lovers. Thick ass, big tits and the prettiest camel toe on the planet. I had originally planned on shooting her for another one of our teen sites but Kaci said she has been practicing her squirting ability by masturbating daily with a glass dildo. She assured me when go time came she could squirt out a fountain from her phat camel toe. I had my doubts. The day of the shoot arrived. Kaci Star showed up looking all sorts of cute. I waved my stunt cock on set. He fingered fucked her sweet snatch, licked her clit till Kaci was shaking. He then spread her creamy, slightly chunky thighs, rammed his huge cock deep inside her doggie style and pounded away until teen Kaci squirted out a stream of pussy cum. Guess I was wrong! 

Johnny Teaches Ryan Hunter the Art of Squirting

Cutie Ryan Hunter is set to star in an exclusive episode for the Sudden Impact crew. The only thing I am little iffy on is whether or not she can squirt. I thought maybe teen, but too old, maybe MILF but too young and Ryan did not fuck black cocks so that limits my placement. I called her in, gave her a glass dildo and told her to make herself squirt. She nervously looked at me and said, how? I waved Johnny on set. He had a gift for making newbies squirt buckets of pussy juice. He opened her thighs, slid a finger deep inside her pussy and began to finger fuck her gspot. Ryan Hunter was starting to get moist. She licked her finger, rubbed her clit as Johnny fingered her harder and faster. When she was moist enough to accept a cock the size of Johnny’s he rammed it in. Pounded Ryan like a jack hammer until her body started to shake, eyes rolled back into her head and she squirted a fountain all over my new couch! Watching chicks cum hard for the first time is always a thrill for me. 

Nadia Styles Multiple Squirting Orgasms

Nadia Styles was the kind of chick I dig. Nicely toned body, huge fake titties, awesome squirting pussy and a playful nature that made fucking her a blast. For todays shoot I decided to have Max dress up in a rain coat and goggles. I figured Miss Nadia would get a kick out of his outfit. She arrived on set, stripped down and began to fuck herself. That’s when Max came on set. Nadia was just about to cum but then busted out laughing. That was quickly cut short when Max dove face first into her shaved snatch. He flicked her clit, rubbed her lips and tongue fucked her pussy till she squirted all over his grill.

Teen Squirting Sensation Madison Scott

Madison Scott is one sweet piece of squirting trim. Long blonde hair, toned body and huge fake tits. I booked her for an exclusive episode of See Her Squirt. Usually it takes on hell of a stud to start the water works on any pornstar and Madison Scott was no exception. She showed up to the studio in a black lacey mini skirt, barely there bra and thong panties. She was ready to work. I gave her a pink vibrator. Smiled, then said fuck yourself silly sweetie. She walked over to the couch, turned the sex toy on and did just that. The vibrator was at maximum speed, placed directly on her clit, pulsating her pussy to the core. Right as she was going to cum I raced over, removed the sex toy, told her to take deep breaths then brought our fuck stud on set to finish her off good. 

Super Squirter Soaks My Clean Couch – Savannah Stern

I’ve meet Savannah Stern a few months ago and when she came back to visit me, damn she improved a lot. I left her on the sofa for a moment and when I returned it was totally soaked already. Savannah just gave me a naughty look and I felt my member rise up. I dove to her whopping boobies first before I went down to introduce my tongue to her sweet pussy. I kept on digging her pleasure hole until she showered me with her pussy juice.

Marissa Jayden Squirts on the Big Cuban Missile

I got a hook up in Vegas. They send hot girls interested in becoming stars my way. If the chick works out well, I give the crew a finders fee. Well a got a hot tip on a newbie named Marissa Jayden. Rumor had it she could squirt 3 feet into the air. I immediately sent a plane ticket to my boy in Vegas and he put sweet Marissa on a plane that same day. She came to the studio by cab. I showed her around, led her in the back to shower the plane funk off her tender teenage body. After Marissa cleaned up she came on set looking the part of a full fledged pornstar. She sat on the couch, slid her panties to the side and began to masturbate. In and out her fingers went, body tightening, moans growing louder when all of a sudden Marissa shot her sweet pussy cum right into the air.